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By Dr. Nektarios Logaras – Dermatologist / Venereologist

The B. Toxin… in the Aesthetic Dermatology therapeutic armamentarium for over 25 Years!

Over time, as we look ourselves in the mirror we find more and more wrinkles on the forehead and around our eyes. We live in an age where the Aesthetic Dermatology has all the scientific knowledge in order to fulfill the human desire to slow down aging, to improve the effect of time on our skin, so that we can stay younger and more beautiful.

The use of the B. Toxin revolutionized the treatment of unwanted facial wrinkles but also the treatment of Hyperhidrosis in the armpit, palms and soles.

The B. Toxin has been used in Aesthetic Dermatology for over 25 years!

The B. Toxin has a long history of safety.

The understanding of the cause of the problem made the application of B. Toxin so popular worldwide.

The injection of the B. Toxin in specific areas of the face causes a reduction in the intensity of the facial muscles contraction, which are responsible for the repeated crushing of the skin over the muscles during the various expressions of our face something that also causes the gradual appearance of wrinkles. The understanding of the B. Toxin action, made its application so popular worldwide. Thus, it has become widely known, the effectiveness to erase the existing wrinkles of the face, but also to delay of their reappearance.

In the young people, actors and singers in order to delay the appearance of wrinkles and to maintain their youthfulness, without reducing their facial expressions, we inject a smaller amount of drug, something that we call Baby Botox.

The results last from 3 to 6 months and on average 3-4 months.

Our first advice to maximize the effect of the treatment is to avoid the exposure of our face to high temperatures (e.g. Sauna, Steam Baths, Hot Water, Hot Air and the exposure to UV Radiation).

Our second advice for an even more enhanced anti-aging treatment, with a spectacularly natural result, is to combine it with one of the Individualized Unique Anti-Aging Protocols that we provide in Athens South Clinic.


Myth No.1: The treatment makes the face rougher.

Fact: The properly studied application of B. Toxin never makes the face rough; on the contrary it makes it sweeter.

Myth No.2: It will raise my eyebrows.

Fact: When the treatment is performed accurately the shape of the eyebrows is improved.

Myth No.3: It will give me a frozen expression.

Fact: It is very easy to prevent the frozen expression by avoiding the administration (injection) of high doses. (Less is more)

Myth No.4: If I start the treatment I will have to apply it continuously otherwise my face will be damaged faster.

Fact: After the completion of the treatment, gradually over the months the face acquires full mobility in the expressions as before, without any change before the treatment. When we perform the treatment, the face essentially rests from the tension that the expressions create on our face.

By injecting the drug in specific areas, the skin muscles that are responsible for the contraction of the skin are targeted, resulting in wrinkles. This presupposes the excellent knowledge of anatomy and the innate perception and understanding of aesthetic harmony by the Dermatologist Dr. Nektarios Logaras. The treatment is short, completely tolerable and the result is really fascinating because it eliminates the existing wrinkles and prevents the new ones. The face then looks fresher, younger and radiates health and confidence. The person gains confidence and positive emotions.

The Doctor’s experience

Dr. N. Logaras MD
Dermatologist – Venereologist
Laser Dermatologic Surgeon

Graduate of Nottingham and Birmingham Universities of England.

Postgraduate Training on anti-aging treatments of the American Academy of Dermatology at the Miami Convention Center in Miami, USA, and at the International Center of Lutronic, using Laser Systems for Medical and Cosmetic Applications, in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. N. Logaras is a member of the following Medical Societies.

-Hellenic Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser, attending its congresses since 2010.
-American Academy of Dermatology.
-Hellenic Society of Dermatology & Venereology (HSDV)
-American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
-European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology

20 years of medical experience.

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