Brown Spots – Melasma

Before & After

By Dr. Nektarios Logaras – Dermatologist / Venereologist

Discolorations, Freckles and Brown Spots are skin pigmented lesions, which are located superficially on the skin. The main cause of their appearance is the exposure to sunlight. They are benign, but annoying in appearance. They show an excellent response to Laser treatment. Their total elimination is observed after 3-4 sessions. Each session is performed every 6-8 weeks. Before the treatment, the skin is cleansed and we apply an anesthetic cream which remains on the skin for about 1 hour in order to achieve a painless treatment.

Immediately after treatment, there is mild redness which lasts from 1-3 days. Then, we have exfoliation-apoptosis of the unwanted damaged skin that lasts from 1-5 days. The new skin is rosy, for 2-7 days, depending on the intensity of the treatment, and gradually regains its natural color. After the end of the treatments, it is recommended protection from sun exposure as well as the use of sunscreen with a high protection index (SPF 50+).


However, when the pigmented lesions are located deep in the skin then it is called
Melasma. Its appearance is the result of a combination of unprotected exposure to sunlight, the skin type, the effect of hormones as well as the long-term effect of mild irritants.

At the first session, the depth of pigmentation in the skin will be recorded and evaluated, if it is in an active phase of expansion and the presence of inflammation with the help of the VISIA Digital Skin Analysis. The examination of the facial skin with VISIA, will highlight and record the extension of the problem in the deeper layers of the skin and thus we will organize the treatment plan, according to the depth of the problem.

The effective treatments that we apply are the following: