Double Chin – Double Jaw

The double chin or double jaw is due to the accumulation of adipose tissue and the significant looseness of the skin tissues under the chin and neck, causing an annoying aesthetic problem in women and men. The double chin or double jaw as a local fat in our body may not be reduced during a period of balanced diet and intense physical exercise.

The double chin or double jaw is caused by the poor diet (e.g. Sugar, Salt, Fats, Alcohol), lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, hormonal changes, heredity and food intolerance e.g. Gluten.

These factors cause the accumulation of fat throughout the body, which in turn leads to further fluid retention and increased volume of adipose tissue.

All factors gradually alter the Original Structure of the Skin. They cause wear and reduce the production of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin Fibers.


The most effective treatments that we apply are the following: