Laser eCO2 – the Strong Superiority

The new advanced fractional Laser eCO² combines the effectiveness of the traditional laser, of carbon dioxide (laser eCO²) – the Golden Rule in wrinkle removal – with a new technology treatment, the eCO² offers highly effective results without the traditional side effects.

Fractional rejuvenation with CO² laser, successfully removes deep skin damage, such as sun marks, age spots (brown), deep wrinkles, deep acne scars, large pores and uneven skin tone.
The unwanted skin in fact is evaporated, due to its high water content. Removal skin rejuvenation is the treatment, which enables strong stimulation of collagen production and growth factors in the skin, in order to improve the appearance of the skin which is damaged by age or sun exposure.

The islets of untouched skin among the tiny removing lines, allow skin to quickly heal and regenerate. These tiny evaporation columns stimulate skin’s natural healing process, resulting in the increased production of collagen over time (3-6 months), which rejuvenates skin from inside out. Skin appears renewed, smooth and more youthful. Skin rejuvenation continues to be observed for several weeks or months after treatment, as collagen stimulation process continues.

By using the Surgical Head, the eCO² provides us with an incomparable accuracy in dermatological surgeries.

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