Fraxel® DUAL 1550/1927

Fraxel Dual, is the most advanced non-ablative fractional Laser that is used for skin resurfacing. It works by supplying heat to those layers inside the skin, which have worn out over time. Fraxel Dual advanced technology platform belongs to the NEW LASER technology, which is dedicated to SAFE RESURFACING of skin.

Fraxel Dual® laser can precisely target thousands of tiny areas of skin, by using tiny laser beams, which penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, in order to eliminate old, damaged, skin cells.

Fraxel treatment stimulates body’s natural healing process, which replaces damaged skin with fresh, glowing and healthy skin. The new dual function 1927 nm laser provides a more superficial treatment option and it better treats discolorations, while the 1550 nm laser penetrates deeper, in order to achieve collagen reforming which results in skin tightening.

The dual function of the high technology Laser Fraxel Dual system, increases flexibility, provides an increased efficiency of the reduction of unwanted brown spots and allow us to adjust the treatment according to our wishes.

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