Silkpeel-Microdermabrasion With Simultaneous Injection Of Therapeutic Serums In Face And Body.

Instead of a simple cleansing, anyone can now restore the lost radiance and softness of skin, on face and body, with the SilkPeel microdermabrasion method. SilkPeel, is an advanced skin care treatment which, at the same time exfoliates, removes sebum from pores and infuses special serums of personalized composition into the skin, to improve its health, function and appearance.

This new method, owes its uniqueness to the gentle microdermabrasion of the specially designed diamond head, which removes dead skin cells, while simultaneously infuses into the skin, special personalized therapeutic serums for hydration, whitening, skin tightening and reduction of redness / inflammation of the skin.

The treatment continues to work for days, after application is completed.

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