VECTRA®H2 is the First Device in Greece for 3D illustration, of Face and Body.

VECTRA®H2 together with VISIA, are the main tools for face and body evaluation, before each treatment.

VECTRA®H2 allows us to:

  • To project our 3Dimage of Face and Body before any kind of surgery
  • To project, through the simulation tool, our 3D image with the Realistic changes which will be resulted by different operations on face and body, before we start these treatments
  • To design the best possible Therapeutic Protocol
  • To understand our expectations
  • To reach together to the appropriate Treatment
  • To compare through Pre-Treatment Simulation, the Realistic Changes with the Post-Treatment Results
  • To mark the difference between the possible outcome of a Treatment and the combination of more Treatments.
  • To highlight the possibilities of anti-aging methods.

To Highlight the Possibilities of Anti-Aging Methods after an Integrated Treatment Plan.

To Highlight the Difference between the Possible Effect of one Treatment or Combining More Treatments.

Detailed Measurements of Facial Features.

Automatic Measurements of Perimeter and Volume in Areas of the Body.

Αutomatic measurement of volume difference

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