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By Dr. Nektarios Logaras – Dermatologist/Venereologist

Fungal infections are very common. Fungi (Dermatophytes) infect the keratinocytes of the skin.

Dermatophytes are divided into three types: Microsporum, Trichophyton and Epidermophyton.

Depending on the natural environment in which they grow, and are transmitted to humans, they are divided into:

-Anthropophilic (from person to person)
-Zoophilic (from animals to humans)
-ΓGeophilic (from soil to humans)

The main factors that favor Fungal infections are:

-Temperature (Heat)
-Use of Antibiotics
-Hormonal disorders
-Various Social, Personal, and Professional Activitiesτες
-The types of the fungus are many as well as the areas that may be appeared.

The fungal infections can be appeared on the following areas:

-Mouth and Tongue
-Toes, Soles, in the Genital and Perianal Area
-Folds (Inguinal, Armpits)
-Nails (Onychomycosis)

In the Athens South Dermatology Clinic, the diagnosis of Fungal Diseases is performed by the specialized Dermatologist Dr. Nektarios Logaras, with the help of the state-of-the-art medical device of Digital Dermoscopic Monitoring, the FotoFinder ATBM System.

The experience and the high-definition monitoring help us in order to diagnose and record the course of the disease until recovery.

Laboratory testing of some forms of fungal infections is necessary for the differential diagnosis of fungi in order to give the appropriate treatment.

The treatment is individualized and includes topical or oral combination therapy.


Onychomycosis or nail fungus is a common condition.

Many patients seek the appropriate treatment frustrated by previous treatments that did not work.

Without the proper culture diagnosis and personalized treatment in the direction of the antifungal chart the Fungi persist and spread.

The most common fungi that we found in culture are:

-E. floccosum
-Dermatophytic fungi
-T. mentagrophytes
-Trichosporon beigelii
-Scopulariopsis brevicaulis

Each fungus is susceptible to different types of drugs in order to be cured.

In the Athens South Dermatology Clinic, the diagnosis and the selection of the most effective treatment is always performed only by the specialized Dermatologist Dr. Nektarios Logaras.

If we would like to make a skin scraping test, topical or oral medications should not be taken as the fungus will not be recognizable.

Available treatments are topical, oral, and Laser ones.

The combination of treatments has the fastest effect.

Topical treatments alone are ineffective.

Oral drugs are effective since we have previously identified the fungus family with culture, however:

-This is a multi-month treatment that often bothers the patient due to the necessary
prolonged compliance.
-There is an incompatibility of antifungal drugs with other pills such as antilipidemic
-Also, due to the metabolism of antifungal pills in the liver, many patients do not want
or can not receive treatment due to hepatic insufficiency or pregnancy.

When we can use the Laser treatment:

To have a faster cure in combination with drugs.
To cure nails without taking medication.

LASER treatment is approved by FDA; it is effective, safe, painless, with immediate return to daily activities, without restrictions, injections as well as side effects.

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Dr. N. Logaras MD
Dermatologist Venereologist
Laser Dermatologic Surgeon

Graduate of Nottingham and Birmingham Universities of England.

-Specialization in Dermatologic Surgery, Department of Plastic Surgery, Hospital of Dermatology & Venereal Diseases “Andreas Syggros”
-Specialization in Digital Dermoscopy – Mole Mapping, at the Department of Dermoscopy and Melanoma, Hospital of Dermatology & Venereal Diseases “Andreas Syggros”
-Degree in Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, The University of Nottingham, UK.


-Dermatologist – Venereologist, Private Clinic – Athens South Dermatology & Laser Center, Alimos
-Dermatology – Venereology Specialty, Hospital of Dermatologic & Venereal Diseases “Andreas Syggros”
-Former Doctor, Royal Derby | Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, England
-Former Doctor, Taunton and Somerset Hospital NHS Trust-Musgrove Park, England
-Former Doctor, Worthing and Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust, England
-Former Doctor, Queen Alexandra Hospital, England
-Former Doctor, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, England
-Former Doctor, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, England

19 years of medical experience

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