By Dr. Nektarios Logaras – Dermatologist/Venereologist

The clinical symptoms vary depending on the stage. The characteristic sign of primary syphilis is one or more painless sores (skin ulcers) on the genital areas of men and women. In secondary syphilis, the lesions are located at the skin but may be extended to other organs. (brain, heart). In latent syphilis, there are no clinical lesions and the diagnosis is made only with Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) Test. The latent syphilis is distinguished into early latent and late latent syphilis. Tertiary syphilis is extremely rare and occurs if left undiagnosed and untreated to the previous stages.


The preferred treatment of Syphilis is mainly penicillin; in case of allergy to penicillin, the Dermatologist / Venereologist prescribes different types of antibiotics.


12 million new cases of Syphilis are recorded around the world each year. From 2003 onwards, the number of patients increases mainly due to the increase of economic migrants. The average age of patients with syphilis is young adults ages 20 -24 years. Men are affected more often due to more intense sexual activity.

When should I visit my Dermatologist?

-Once a year for the annual Venereological examination.
-When the condom breaks.
-When I had a sexual intercourse, even oral without a condom.
-If I see anything new in the genital area such as unusual secretions, rashes, etc

In case of Syphilis or any other STD is diagnosed, the partner or partners should be informed.

Only when, there is substantial faith in the relationship from both partners, there is no risk of STD’s transmission.

The precautions and safety measures when there is no stable relationship are the following:

-You should use a condom (Latex) every single time you have sex
-Not having multiple sex partners or concurrent relationships.
The early diagnosis with clinical examination and laboratory testing by the expert Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Nektarios Logaras ensures the optimal outcome of the treatment of Syphilis and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

The Doctor’s experience

Dr. N. Logaras MD
Dermatologist Venereologist
Laser Dermatologic Surgeon

    • Graduate of Nottingham and Birmingham Universities of England.
    • Specialization in Dermatologic Surgery, Department of Plastic Surgery, Hospital of Dermatology & Venereal Diseases “Andreas Syggros”
    • Specialization in Digital Dermoscopy – Mole Mapping, at the Department of Dermoscopy and Melanoma, Hospital of Dermatology & Venereal Diseases “Andreas Syggros”
    • Degree in Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, The University of Nottingham, UK.


Dermatologist – Venereologist, Private Clinic – Athens South Dermatology & Laser Center, Alimos

-Dermatology – Venereology Specialty, Hospital of Dermatologic & Venereal Diseases “Andreas Syggros”
-Former Doctor, Royal Derby | Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, England
-τ. Ιατρός, Taunton and Somerset Hospital NHS Trust-Musgrove Park, Αγγλία
-Former Doctor, Taunton and Somerset Hospital NHS Trust-Musgrove Park, England
-Former Doctor, Worthing and Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust, England
-Former Doctor, Queen Alexandra Hospital, England
-Former Doctor, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, England
-Former Doctor, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, England

19 years of medical experience

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