Advanced technology of VISIA is the worldwide famous pioneering system of digital facial skin analysis. The VISIA system, due to its high digital analysis of the skin, has been used in the wider Dermatological Scientific Research. By this method, we identify the areas which have suffered sun damage, pigment (red or brown) spots, telangiectasias, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, acne, clogged pores, wrinkles. VISIA technology allows us not only to distinguish skin lesions, which are not visible to the naked eye, but also to observe their development over time.

According to the results, we can decide the best possible approach and treatment (Clinic / Home), it also enables us to check the effectiveness of treatment methods, through a comparative analysis with photos before and after.

Το πρωτοποριακό σύστημα ψηφιακής ανάλυσης VISIA  προφέρει (8) αξιολογήσεις του Δέρματος.

  • Επιφανειακές Κηλίδες.
  • Ρυτίδες.
  • Υφή.
  • Πόροι.
  • UV Κηλίδες.
  • Καφέ Κηλίδες.
  • Κόκκινες Περιοχές.
  • Πορφυρίνες.

By entering the biological age of the patient, VISIA through its digital analysis, evaluates the real age of our skin. Detects and gives quantitative measurements for photo ageing, spots, wrinkles, skin’s bacteria, scars, pores. It has a 3D skin section imaging function for more detailed analysis.

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